A few words about us…

KHM OE has been established in 2001 by Nikos Emmanouil and Christos Tsekouras. The firm is managed by those two partners, who started their activity in electromechanical consulting installations at 1987.
The company is in Athens, in a 400sqm building with unique architecture, which uses the latest technologies of HVAC systems in order to offer the best conditions in both employees and visitors. The firm’s human resources are made up of 18 employees, most of them electrical and mechanical engineers, yet designers, secretaries etc.
Trying to offer high quality services to the clients, KHM OE has been certified and fulfill all Greek requirements and legislations.


The firm’s consulting department is separated in three basic fields:

  • HVAC
  • Low tension and Low voltage
  • Plumbing-Sewage & Fire protection

This structure has as direct result the specialization of each engineer in a specific field to accomplish the construction in the best possible time, with the best possible solution. Calculations of each installation are made with software developed either from firm’s employees or firms specialized in each field.
Each one of the programs used, is in accordance with both European and Greek regulations as well as with scientific data from international bibliography. Everything is adapted to Greek requirements which have emerged either from statistics and data from Greek organizations or from employees’ experience. Software is always up to date even if changes in legislations or regulations may apply.
Because of the firm’s willingness for development, since 2018 some of the installations are designed in Revit.
KHM OE is also specialized in public construction installations.

μηχανολογικες μελετες

Our vision

The main consultants at KHM OE (at least 15 years of experience) are those who cooperate and communicate with the client and participate in meetings with architects and other project involved groups. The basic idea of each installation is fully discussed and analyzed by the responsible team, which is consisted of one or two engineers depending on each need. During the time of the installation there is continuous communication with the other consultants and project involved groups, which has as a result the immediate update of any new situation that can arise. Every stage of the installation is fully described at technical reports and requirements. We adopt modern technologies and reliable solutions applying technically correct, energy saving and cost-effective installations.
Our aim is to satisfy our clients’ needs having as a guideline, quality flexibility and excellent collaborations among all project involved groups. Our vision is continuous growth and evolution through a permanent process of learning aiming to meet future challenges.